Damcon is at Groot Groen Plus 2021!


Nice that it is possible again, the “fairs”. We have missed the meetings with you. You can find us at booth G029 route grey.


Damcon surprised by dealer from USA


“Here we go Leen, we took this video at Waverly Farm last week.” It’s great that customers themselves are becoming more and more enthusiastic about our Damcon machines! The goal of our sales; every global customer an ambassador of Damcon. Thanks George for this nice video! Click here for more information or contact us through…


A Damcon hat looks good on you!


On land.. on the beach.. or on the waterfront.. A Damcon hat looks good everywhere. They are back in. Feel free to come by and pick one up!


Damcon takes over the activities of the Metal Turning Company C. de Greef


As of June 18, 2021, we have taken over the activities of Metal Turning Company C. de Greef from Ochten. This means: employees, machines and stocks. The name of our new subsidiary is: Damcon Special Parts. This acquisition fits in well with our vision to be less dependent on the supply industry. As a small…


Is it impossible to hoe five rows in one working pass on hard loam soil?


Not with the new SF hoe frame behind a Damcon Multitrike! This week a Damcon portal tractor with five hoeing machines was delivered to Nicolai in St. Truiden (Belgium). In order to hoe four rows of trees planted on GPS with a row spacing of 80 cm in one pass, three full and two half…


Never change a winning team


A famous quote from Sir Ramsey, who became world champions with England in 1966. Nevertheless, we have expanded our team with 2 professionals. Rijk Geurts (left) as bench fitter in the construction workshop and Edgar Leeuw (right) as warehouse worker/ purchaser. Good luck men, let’s go for it!


Insert 55,000 glass fiber canes a day, is that a lot?


Yes, if you first insert 25,000 pieces with the same number of people without a machine and now double it, then we at Damcon think that is quite a lot. Together with fruit tree grower Johan Nicolai, we developed this glass fiber canes carrier for his fruit tree nursery. See the video of a beautiful…


Clashing interests at Damcon and Mabo?


Absolutely not! This is where 2 passions come together! The passion of Mabo to grow beautiful trees with the help of good machines and the passion of Damcon to build beautiful machines. This pruning platform is also a beauty. This time it is a very special one with the following options: adjustable platform, automatic control,…


Is that possible.. fall in love with a machine?


We don’t know that at Damcon, but… Sometimes you have to let go of your Dutch common sense and enjoy the moment. Exactly, we had that with this wonderful combination. A Damcon KLR-700 ST on a Giant Tendo GT5048 for a customer from New Zealand. The next 15 years is the only maintenance; lubricate, lubricate,…


Nobody already thinks about weeds, but still …


Busy with digging, delivery and planting trees. Don’t forget the weeds! In a little while, it will start to grow again. The effect of the finger weeder against weeds has now been proven, even on the clay in the Betuwe. Damcon makes these finger weeder on any tractor or equipment. The advantages of front mounting…


Damcon and Carraro a top team


Recently delivered to a Swedish customer: this new Carraro TTR 4400 II with front linkage and joystick operation. Read his response: “1992 my father bought the company’s first Carraro. A Bitrac 3800 quite similar to the TTR 4400. After several thousand hours it’s still in use. Finding new parts for maintenance has never been a…


Damcon has 2 more professionals!


Yes, succeeded! Sometimes it is not easy to recruit good people. If it succeeds, it gives a “boost” of energy. Eric Gerritsen recently started working as an engineer and it seems like he has been with us for 10 years. Tom van Egmond recently started as a machine builder; the connection with his previous job…