Оборудование для выкопки

Once a Damcon, always a Damcon!

Tree nursery Roelofse-Jager is happy with the purchase of the 4th new Selector-450. At the request of the customer, various adjustments have also been made to the operation of this new tree lifter to make work even faster and easier. In 2019, they achieved 1,750 bare root plants per day with the previous machine. With…


Special moment

Our employee Arend hands over the keys of a new Selector-450 to Jannos from “Loonbedrijf J. Bunt”. For this young entrepreneur it is the first Selector from Damcon. For Arend the last new Selector that he transfers to a customer. Arend hopes to retire at the end of December. He has been working at Damcon…

rooimachine selector 450

Renewed tree lifting machine is called Selector-450

Damcon delivers the well-known Selector-440 in the current implementation since 2001. The machine was made suitable for rougher circumstances by changing to bigger wheels and another transmission back in the days. Over the years a number of changes were made to the transmission, until the limits were reached. This transmission is improved and well-tried in…