Посадочное оборудование

Planting fruit trees a «breeze»

Planting fruit trees with poles of concrete or wood or with bamboo canes gives a huge labour and time saving with the Damcon PL-40F. 6 Work passes are combined in 1 machine. For more information see video or call Anne Koster through +31 (0)6 10009060.


Special offer

Damcon tree planter PL-40V with bamboo cane driver € 9.500. Complete execution. The machine is from 2010, but has never been used. As new with 6 months warranty. Click here for more information or contact us through +31 (0)488 442828 or info@damcon.nl


Tree planting machine PL-40V for fruit growing

The Belgian company De Ceuster will plant fruit trees with this tree planting machine and place concrete piles in one pass. The machine is equipped with a drilling unit that is activated by the GPS system of the tractor. An automatic system ensures that the piles are also placed perpendicularly on sloping terrain. Wooden piles…