Root trimmers

Trimming the roots for planting trees is a labor-intensive job. The root trimmers of Baars Techniek’s change that. There are 2 models. The RT-10 for avenue trees and the MRT-20 for fruit trees. The trees are supplied and removed by 2 people. These 2 persons can use the RT-10 to trim approximately 600 trees per hour in sizes from 6-8 to 16-18 (stem girth). With the MRT-20, up to 1200 trees per hour are possible in sizes from 10 to 40 mm stem diameter.

The root trimmers are for indoor use and are electrically powered. Both have a counter to keep track of the number of trimmed trees. With the RT-10 the pruning material is removed with a conveyor belt.

With the exception of the east of North America, Damcon is responsible for the sale of Baars Techniek’s root trimmers.

See video below or watch this video.